About Karen

Career Coach, Karen Collins

Hello! My name is Karen. Whatever brought you here, I am glad. A Google search or a soul search or a friend recommended you, welcome! You belong here and you are doing something about whatever it is that led you on your current journey.

I am a certified member of the International Coaching Federation and a triple certified Leadership and Mental Wellness Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute and Lyra Health. More importantly, I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and a serial non-profit board member.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for large, publicly traded corporations, led a regional non-profit organization and experienced the thrill of helping start-ups both soar and close down. I’ve been in roles from entry level sales to CEO. I have been featured in Thrive GlobalHealthy Women LeadersOutstanding Women Leaders, HerSummit, and NonProfit Radio podcast.

I will help you as an emerging or established leader identify and lead from your core values, define and reach your professional goal(s), and discover and pursue your most authentic and fulfilled career. My approach will give you the 3 Cs: Clarity, Courage and Confidence.

As your leadership coach, I will offer you authentic, focused, and intentional guidance that empowers bold decisions in achieving your professional and leadership goals. I will help you find clarity by understanding your values, your natural strengths and what you want to offer this world. That clarity will give you courage to make the change you desire. That courage will turn into confidence as you step into the boldest, most authentic version of yourself! How do you know you are ready to work with me?

  • Do you desire personal and professional alignment without sacrifice in either priority?
  • Do you feel unsatisfied professionally but aren’t sure what to do about it?
  • Do you want to take your existing career to the next level but aren’t sure how to drive change?
  • Do you struggle with “imposter syndrome” and know that fear is preventing you from your potential?
  • Do you desire a career change but feel stuck in how to move forward?

If you are interested in exploring any or all of these ponderings to find what’s next in your professional journey, I am ready to chat. If you desire a sincere, authentic, and graceful partner as your career coach to help you find true joy and prosperity professionally, contact me today to start your journey! Your first discovery call is free!

A little more detail

There was a time in my life where I focused solely on external circumstances to gauge my happiness. Not surprisingly, when the boxes were all checked, I still wasn’t whole. Here’s my story of what {almost} broke me. My hope is that if you’re {almost} broken too, this will give you the courage to take that first step towards change.

My call to coaching came during a decade long consulting career where I led nonprofit executives in gaining clarity in strategic, operational, and technical change. I worked alongside these executives to achieve maximum impact and scalability with a strong focus on employee-centric growth, change management and leadership development. If you read my story, you know I regularly heard “we couldn’t survive without you” and “thank you for saving the day” and “yes, you are right!” These words of affirmation meant I was helping others, I was important, I was validated. Yet, I was still missing something. Along this part of my journey, I unveiled my unique strength, passion and desire for building deep connection with people.

Fast forward through my professional transformation: I took the leap and pivoted my career from non-profit consulting into 1:1 executive and leadership coaching to honor my values of deep connection, individual empowerment, and wholistic joy. My focus is empowering others to explore and create your most fulfilling life by showing up “on purpose” in every aspect.

My coaching philosophy is about using skills to deepen learning and forward action. You are focused on the learning and action and as your coach, I focus on the deepen and forward.

  • Desire more meaning or purpose in how you show up as a leader?
  • Do you feel stuck, yet know you are ready for a change?
  • Do you have a vision of what you could do or who you could be and just not sure how to get started?
  • Love your profession and want to maximize your leadership potential?

I am ready to chat! If you desire a sincere, authentic, and grace-filled partner to help you find true joy and prosperity professionally, contact me today to start your journey! No pressure, your first discovery call is on me (free)!

Our family in Cabo, Mexico celebrating my dad's retirement in 2019!

A Little Bit Personal: My husband and I live in Denver, CO with our two daughters. I am filled up by deep conversations, creative outlets, new experiences and the outdoors.

We moved to Denver in 2016 after spending a decade at the beach on the east coast. As a family, we spend as much time as possible hiking, camping, off-roading + enjoying Denver and the mountain towns of Colorado. If we are not in Colorado, we are jet-setting around the world visiting friends and family (COVID caveat: we are dreaming of jet-setting around the world…). We desire to raise compassionate, curious, and kind young women who enjoy seeking new experiences, learning from all the world has to offer and exploring who they are inside in order to love that person first. From the simplicity of camping life to the hustle and bustle of cities all over the world, we are always looking for adventure!

During “free” time, I enjoy reading, painting, finishing an outdoor run if it’s above 50* (working on falling back in love with the actual run), kickboxing, and listening to other’s ideas about the world (current list: Brené Brown, Chris Voss, Lori Deschene, Kim Scott, and William Bridges). My biggest struggle: allowing myself to take the needed personal time to refill my own cup so I can show up with my whole heart and mind for family, friends and clients.