A word about my Why

I want you, as a leader, to know you don’t have to do it alone…I want you as a leader to know your why…I want you, as a leader, to be authentic and intentional. 

Care to Fika with Me?

It is something to look forward to, a short time where everything else stops and you savor the moment.

What is your base goal?

It’s the “yes, and” option. You are at the base of that highest achievement – what will you commit to that creates daily progress?

What does it mean to live life on purpose?

I was sitting near a pond one day with no responsibility other than the book in my lap. As I paused to take in the landscape around me, I noticed this duck desperately dunking her head in the water over and over and over again…What occurred to me in that moment: I was the duck. In my professional world, I was doing the same thing over and over and over with no clear purpose for my actions.

5 Tips for Maintaining Confidence in your Job Search

Looking for a job is hard. Looking for a job that is fulfilling and purposeful is even harder. Add on the stress of unemployment or a toxic work environment and it can personify difficult emotions such as doubt, shame, and fear that negatively impact our confidence levels.

What {almost} broke me.

In the height of my broken-ness I beamed full-teeth smiles when I heard “we couldn’t survive without you” and “thank you for saving the day” and “yes, you are right!” These words of affirmation meant I was helping others, I was important, I was validated.

How and Why To Set Clear Expectations

Often times, we get frustrated when something doesn’t go exactly how we envisioned and we tend to blame the person delivering the work rather than examining the expectations we set.

Small habits, big Impact

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have an unwavering need for an immediate result. In a professional setting, we call this a “quick win” or “low hanging fruit”. My husband calls it my “pressure washer impact”. There was a day, back in my 20s, when I just needed a win. I was grievingContinue reading “Small habits, big Impact”

How to do Hard Things.

When talking about conquering hard things, I never understood the metaphor “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” The earliest citing for this phrase is from 1945 in a book called An Introduction to Industrial Statistics and Quality Control By Paul Peach. The job may be lengthy, but, in the words ofContinue reading “How to do Hard Things.”

The poison of “yea, but”

Martha Beck says “Yea, but” statements are like mental cockroaches who can multiply and survive the most intense attempt at dismantling them. How’s that for motivation to stop thinking these thoughts?

Ditch Your Story

ditch the stories you are telling yourself, and turn them into steps for conflict resolution

Fast is not always Right.

A critical piece of information when setting goals at the beginning of a project is understanding the expectation of timeline. Over the course of my corporate career, I heard more times than not a delivery date of “yesterday” or “as soon as possible” with the obligatory chuckle that comes with asking for something unreasonable. AsContinue reading “Fast is not always Right.”

Tunnel of Darkness

The Tunnel of Darkness

There comes a time when you are so far into the project you can’t realistically turn back without a lot of brow raising. However, with so much more to accomplish, you aren’t sure the investment is still worth it. That, my friend, is the point in time when you are in the tunnel of darkness.

Cause the Effect

Question of the year for me: How do I establish a set of standards without stifling employee creativity or individual styles of management? Our company has several lines of business that each have a multitude of client engagements though all client leaders who run these engagements fall into my division. In addition, each client leaderContinue reading “Cause the Effect”

Am I doing it right?

Am I doing it right? If anyone has the answer to this question in any facet of life, raise your hand. I ask it of myself all the time. Am I managing people or projects right? Am I parenting right? What about being a wife or that yoga move where I don’t dare risk breakingContinue reading “Am I doing it right?”

Hello! I am Karen. 
I am a career coach and serial non-profit board member. I’ve worked for large, publicly traded corporations as well as start-ups grasping to make payroll and the in between. My coaching expertise evolved from my decade long consulting career leading non-profit and corporate executives in strategic planning, change management and employee + client engagement efforts. My unique strength, passion and desire is building deep connection with people and empowering others to explore and create your most fulfilling life by showing up “on purpose” in every aspect.