How and Why To Set Clear Expectations

Often times, we get frustrated when something doesn’t go exactly how we envisioned and we tend to blame the person delivering the work rather than examining the expectations we set.

How to do Hard Things.

When talking about conquering hard things, I never understood the metaphor “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” The earliest citing for this phrase is from 1945 in a book called An Introduction to Industrial Statistics and Quality Control By Paul Peach. The job may be lengthy, but, in the words ofContinue reading “How to do Hard Things.”


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Hello! I am Karen. 
I am a career coach and serial non-profit board member. I’ve worked for large, publicly traded corporations as well as start-ups grasping to make payroll and the in between. My coaching expertise evolved leading non-profit and corporate executives in strategic planning as well as employee and client engagement efforts.

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