My Thoughts on Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Yesterday, my darling daughters fell asleep in the car. So I sat in a parking lot for an hour and finished listening to Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. First, let’s give some major credit to both toddlers for taking a double nap and offering me a little quiet time! I will accept this giftContinue reading “My Thoughts on Dare to Lead by Brené Brown”

How to improve your decision-making

The etymology behind certain words can be very telling and the word “decision” holds a lot of weight when broken down. Take a look: The Latin word decisionem is the past-participle stem of decidere which means “to decide, determine” Broken down by root: de (off) + caedere (to cut) literally means “to cut off” When you say you are going to “cut off”Continue reading “How to improve your decision-making”

Two Eyes, Two Ears and One Mouth…for a reason.

Growing up, we had a lake house about 15 miles from our home where we would spend the entire summer. It wasn’t uncommon on any given day to have a dozen teenagers traipsing about riding jet skis, raiding my parents kitchen, or basking in the sun on the dock. In addition to my dad’s neverContinue reading “Two Eyes, Two Ears and One Mouth…for a reason.”

Effective, Efficient and Engaged

There was a time in my life where I touted the fact that I was a great multi-tasker. After all, if you weren’t doing at least two things at once, you were wasting time. I am no longer of that mindset. Multi-tasking can result in missed opportunities in connecting with the people and often resultsContinue reading “Effective, Efficient and Engaged”

A Small Way to Increase Confidence when Teaching New Skills

In my various roles in life, I often find myself with an opportunity to teach others. From coaching my clients or explaining new tools or ways of working in group sessions or helping my daughters build a fort, the teacher hat is worn a lot these days.  In doing a little research on effective teachingContinue reading “A Small Way to Increase Confidence when Teaching New Skills”

It’s more about the Journey

Have you heard the adage “life is a journey, not a destination”? While the author is unknown, I can assure you whoever penned this has never traveled on an airplane with a toddler (kidding, sort of). It is applicable in the area of operational initiatives. So, if go-live is not your destination, then what is?Continue reading “It’s more about the Journey”