What the heck is “Fika”?

Whatever brought you here, I am glad. A Google search or a soul search or a friend recommended you, welcome! You belong here and you are doing something about whatever it is that led you on your current journey. And I want to know more.

So, what is fika? It is a Swedish phenomenon and is a moment to literally leave work behind. It is a time to connect with another person for the simple act of getting to know one another, usually over coffee/tea with a sweet treat.

Feeling stuck in where to start on your goals? That is where our fika comes in! This allows us to decide if we are a good match for your journey. This fika is free so take your first step and book our calendars.

Don’t worry, there’s no expectation for you to “prepare” unless you want to make a cup of tea/coffee for yourself. I will bring the curious questions to learn more about you. And also a little knowledge about what it’s like to have me by your side to build the professional life you want so you can live life on purpose.

Only you can make the impact you are meant to make, so let’s get started!