Individual Coaching

You are here ~ welcome! How did it feel to get here? I’m proud of you because you’re curious and taking action. That’s a big step! Not sure what you need in a leadership coach or what it costs? Let’s find what’s right for you.

My coaching philosophy is about using skills, both yours and mine, to deepen learning and forward action. You are focused on the learning and action and as your coach, I focus on the deepen and forward.

Together, we will open avenues of creative thinking and possibilities that are outside the standard process to help you expand your current career or pivot your path to a new career all together. There are specific tools and resources we will use + my network and experiences to help you live your most fulfilling life by showing up “on purpose” in every aspect.

Are you ready?

1. Are you ready to change but feel stuck in how to move?

2. Do you long for a deeper purpose?

3. Are you not making any progress with what you’ve tried so far?

Let me guess: this lack of progress is costing you everything. You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re losing sleep over it. Relationships are suffering. Your mental health is suffering. You’re not focused. At work. At home. Anywhere.

Individual Coaching

I work with clients for a minimum of 4 months. That’s a big commitment. And you’re worth it. I offer a complimentary (free!) 45-minute discovery session to explore where you are, where you want to be, and what’s keeping you stuck. In this session, you will identify a few values and tools that could be the start for what’s next. We also get to decide if we are a good match for this journey. Please contact me today and take your first step to building the career you want!