Leadership Cohorts

My passion is helping you find ways to be confident in your authentic leadership style. You’ve got the role, the title, the responsibility. You know who you want to be in that role. But…

Let me guess. You are in a leadership role and you finally have the authority to make the changes you know will be effective in the goals set before you. Yet…you have questions. You look around – and there’s no one to ask them to because you’re the person who’s supposed to have the answers.

You feel alone. Isolated.

You need a community of leaders. I almost put “like-minded” in front of leaders, but that’s not it. You need people who understand where you are, yes, so they need to be at your same level of authority. You need ideas. You need permission to fail – or – a place to get it wrong the first time.

You need accountability partners. People who will support you in facing the problems in front of you; who will challenge you to take the risk to make the change you see possible. You need a tribe.

Whether you are an emerging or established leader, I lead cohorts at both levels. Together, we will help you be the best version of yourself through stating your guiding principles, deepening your commitment to living into those values and identifying how to be the change you want to see in your organization, in your life, and in the world.