You are here ~ welcome! How did it feel to get here? I’m proud of you because you’re curious about something and you’re taking action. That’s a big step! Not sure what you need in a leadership coach or what it costs? Let’s find what’s right for you.

My passion is helping you find ways to be confident in your authentic leadership style. Whether you are an emerging or established leader, I will help you become the best version of yourself through identifying your guiding principles, deepening relationships with those around you and identifying how to use the leadership skills you want to offer the world to build the career that brings you joy and prosperity.

It’s strange. We often focus on the skills we have always used or the skills we have been told to use. We don’t differentiate what skills we want to use from what we have to offer. Let me help you dive deep into your desires, articulate your strengths, identify your values and find the leadership style that aligns your goals with those very desires, strengths and values!

Are you ready?

1. Do you desire to find more meaning or purpose in how you’re impacting the world around you?

2. Do you feel stuck in how to move but know you are ready for a change?

3. Are you actively seeking change and not making any progress?

I offer a complimentary (free!) 45-minute discovery session to explore where you are, where you want to be, and what’s keeping you stuck. In this session, you will identify a few values and tools that could be the start for what’s next. We also get to decide if we are a good match for this journey. Please contact me today and take your first step to building the career you want!

Individual Coaching

My coaching philosophy is about using skills, both yours and mine, to deepen learning and forward action. You are focused on the learning and action and as your coach, I focus on the deepen and forward. Together, we will open avenues of creative thinking and possibilities that are outside the standard process to help you expand your current career or pivot your path to a new career all together. There are specific tools and resources we will use + my network and experiences to help you live your most fulfilling life by showing up “on purpose” in every aspect. There are two parts to my coaching program and we will be intentional with both:

Laying the Groundwork: Values Mapping & Goal Setting
An extraordinary journey where we will dive deep into your values, map out your journey and get you into your most authentic leadership style.

Taking Action: Turn your Vision into Reality
The vision is there so let’s remove the imposter syndrome, put on the gloves of courage and confidence, and knock your dreams into reality!

Organizational & Group Services

Fact: Employees are more engaged, more productive & better leaders when their company invests in their professional development. 

According to a U.C. Berkeley study, it costs $7,000 to replace management-level employees and professionals. Also, the 2021 Leadership Transitions Report states success rates for executives hired internally are 25% higher than external hires.

Leadership coaching is a great way to invest in your people.

Does your organization’s success depends on your leaders? Do you want to strengthen your team by tapping into natural talents and expanding your vision for the company?

As the world is evolving, your leaders need to as well. I have over 10 years of virtual leadership experience which is just one of many ways leadership development is evolving. Is your team equipped with the skills and tools needed to intentionally support a more virtual world?

As a founder/owner, perhaps you see areas of opportunity for your own leadership. I am here to help navigate those areas to level up your ability to lead by example.

Public Speaking / Workshops

Interested in seminars to level up learning in common areas of struggle? This is ideal for company conferences, leadership retreats, or community groups!

Whether your team is comprised of emerging or established leaders, I will help you all understand internal drivers to better navigate change, virtual leadership, time management, collaborative communication, conflict resolution and many other common leadership experiences to develop positive, resilient mindsets that have lasting influence within your organization.