Organizational Coaching

Does your organization’s success depends on your leaders? Do you want to strengthen your team by tapping into natural talents and expanding your vision for the company?

Fact: Employees are more engaged, more productive & better leaders when their company invests in their professional development. 

According to a U.C. Berkeley study, it costs $7,000 to replace management-level employees and professionals. Also, the 2021 Leadership Transitions Report states success rates for executives hired internally are 25% higher than external hires.

Leadership coaching is a great way to invest in your people.

Whether your team is a group of emerging or established leaders, I will guide them to explore and define individual skills, personal values and professional goals to create positive transformation that results in lasting benefits for everyone: your individual leaders, your team, your company, and your clients / program recipients.

Organizational & Group Services

Leaders are found at every level of an organization and at some point, every leader finds themselves stuck – activating people to do their best, leading through change, achieving your personal goals, etc. An internal leadership cohort, aligned to your team’s specific needs, will activate the leaders within your team to empower each other to step into their authentic leadership!

We will start with a 4-month program. This will lay the groundwork to build a framework where employees feel confident in leading with authenticity and intention. The result for each participant is clarity in personal values + confidence in their own leadership skills. This intentional focus on individual clarity and confidence will promote a healthy team dynamic centered in authentic, empowered leaders which often increases employee engagement and organizational success.

As a founder/owner, perhaps you see areas of opportunity for your own leadership. I am here to help navigate those areas to level up your ability to lead by example. Deepen your commitment to your people and they will deepen their commitment to your vision.

As the world is evolving, your leaders need to as well. I have over 10 years of virtual leadership experience which is just one of many ways leadership development is evolving. Is your team equipped with the skills and tools needed to intentionally support a more virtual world? We will curate exactly what you desire to be different as a result of your investment in your people – and that’s what will be at the center of your organization’s leadership cohort.