Start {2022} with Courage

Who: All Empowerlead Clients
When: January 11 at 11am MT
Why: We’ve worked together and you’ve gained clarity and used courage to make some changes. Let’s keep going!

It’s January. Every year, this time is filled with…a lot.

It might look like a full calendar of activities – or – time for annual reflection or visualization – or -perhaps it’s filled with anticipated or even unexpected emotions. Whatever is present, I hope you notice it with intention and care. 

I am offering you an opportunity to take whatever is present for you now and put it into action for 2022. 

Let’s use that clarity and courage you found during our coaching time together* to build confidence in 2022! Come to the session with at least one goal for 2022. You will get the chance to volunteer for “hot seat” coaching, listen to what others are working on and perhaps gain an accountability partner for overcoming what’s holding you back. 

*Didn’t work with me 1:1 but interested in joining us on January 11th? Contact me to discuss options.