What people have to say about Karen as their career coach…

“Karen has been instrumental in helping me to articulate my vision so that my professional goals as an entrepreneur can be achieved with clarity and focus. Karen is insightful and easy to talk to. Her approach is thoughtful and empowering (as the name Empowerlead implies). I feel fortunate to have met Karen in this stage of my career. 100% would recommend!”

~ Sarah B., Colorado

Choosing to prioritize yourself is not easy. We are so distracted by what we “should” be doing or what others ask us to do that we forget to prioritize who we want to be in this world. We often miss out on opportunities to be authentic or to show up holistically in the areas that mean the most to us because we are chasing a dream that isn’t our own.

After only a few months of her guidance, I was able to put my career back on the track that I’ve so desperately wanted and needed. She has helped me sharpen my strengths and weaknesses far past where I’d imagine they could go. Karen has done everything from providing resource recommendations to having in depth conversations about how to shape my career into one that I want.

Career coaching offers you an opportunity to step outside of what’s always been and create meaningful change. Stop holding onto the imposter syndrome mentality of thinking you’re not worthy. You are worthy and I am ready to help you navigate what’s next in order to gain confidence, joy and prosperity in your career.

“Words can hardly describe the gratitude that I have for Karen and her ability to enhance my life. Through key decision making, leadership, and an uncanny ability to navigate difficult conversations, she has been monumental in both my personal and professional growth. Karen is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to, so much that you’d think you’ve known her your whole life.

~ Chris, West Virginia

Let’s build something together.

Are you at the point professionally where you desire change to find more meaning or purpose in how you’re impacting the world?

Do you feel stuck in how to move but know you are ready for a change?

I want to help!

No matter where this life takes me, professionally and personally. I’ll always keep Karen’s advice and phone number handy as I’m sure I’ll run into a situation that she can help with.”