What people have to say

Choosing to prioritize yourself is not easy. We are so distracted by what we “should” be doing or what others ask us to do that we forget to prioritize who we want to be in this world. We often miss out on opportunities to be authentic or to show up holistically in the areas that mean the most to us because we are chasing a dream that isn’t our own.

Beyond what I had even asked for, Karen encouraged me to dig deeper into this professional journey and discover answers to questions I hadn’t even brought to the table.

~ Shannon, Regional Planner

Leadership coaching offers you an opportunity to step outside of what’s always been and create meaningful change. Stop holding onto the imposter syndrome mentality of thinking you’re not worthy. You are worthy and I am ready to help you navigate what’s next in order to gain confidence, joy and prosperity in both your professional and personal life.

Karen skillfully guided me to dig in deep, reclaim my authentic voice and ultimately feel more powerful in all aspects of my life. Specifically, Karen listened carefully to my sticking points and offered thoughtful, creative solutions that I couldn’t have come up with myself. When I felt I had done all that was possible in certain situations, Karen offered additional (sometimes uncomfortable) suggestions that opened additional doors I hadn’t considered.

~ Georgina, Art Curator / Consultant

Are you at the point professionally where you desire change to find more meaning or purpose in how you’re impacting the world? Do you feel stuck in how to move but know you are ready for a change? I want to help!

“Karen has been instrumental in helping me to articulate my vision so that my professional goals as an entrepreneur can be achieved with clarity and focus. Karen is insightful and easy to talk to. Her approach is thoughtful and empowering (as the name Empowerlead implies). I feel fortunate to have met Karen in this stage of my career. 100% would recommend!”

~ Sarah, Founder/CEO

After only a few months of her guidance, I was able to put my career back on the track that I’ve so desperately wanted and needed. She has helped me sharpen my strengths and weaknesses far past where I’d imagine they could go.

~ Chris, Senior Director

Recently, a new client reached out to a previous client and this is what was shared:

I can’t honestly recommend Karen enough. She has been pivotal in my growth both in my career and in my personal life. She has this magic way of working with you that’s unlike anything that I’ve seen. 

Somehow she was able to pull truths out of me that I didn’t realize were there, all the while giving me (at the time I thought small) tools to better prepare me to advance in my career. The truths were what I NEEDED at the time to hold myself accountable so that I wasn’t rolled over by someone else on my path forward in my career. and boy did it work!

Everyone is different in what they need, but I am a complete believer in Karen Collins and everything she brings to the table. You won’t be let down!

Karen is all in in supporting her clients. She possesses a keen ability to see where you need or might want to go. While deeply intelligent & analytical, she has an almost limitless well of empathy & kindness. We leave our time together feeling enriched & energized.

Nancy, CEO + Julianna, CTO

If you desire a fierce advocate alongside your journey, I am ready to support your move from “one day” into “day one” of living your life on purpose!

My experience with Karen was transformative! Through her coaching I defined my personal values and built a vision for the type of leader I want to be. Whether you’re looking for a career change or just support for taking your current role to the next level, I highly recommend Karen!

Nikki, Senior Manager

With her clear, authentic guidance and master skill set, Karen helped me navigate various sticky moments, tricky shifts and tough conversations; all of which have led me up a path of personal and professional success.

~ Spencer, Montessori Guide

While recently coaching a CEO/COO combo and working through a few tools, I could hear Tom, the CEO, mutter “This is great. This is exactly what I needed.” What I know about myself is that external validation used to be something I have now coined “a value gone rogue“. That means that I placed so much emphasis on what other people thought of me, that I started to lose who I desired to be. This time, it was different. I knew that what was happening in Tom was that he was getting the tools he needed to live the life he desired. So the external validation now honors my value of empowering others. It’s a simple shift that has seismic impact on me. Here’s what the COO had to say about our time together:

Karen is extraordinary, she delivered on her mission: “To help you identify what brings you joy and align that with your natural strengths to empower bold decisions in achieving your professional goals…” YOU SHOULD HIRE HER!

Justin, COO