Your Success

Imagine having such clarity on who you are and what you want that you have a professional life you love, where you are wholeheartedly living to make the difference only you can make.

What Inspires You?

First, I’m proud of you because you’re curious about something and you’re taking action. That’s a big step! You and I both know you are meant for something amazing. If you didn’t have that fire inside, ready to see change, you wouldn’t have the guts to be here, on this page, taking that leap to the next level that’s calling your name.

Have you been in your job for a while and feel depleted? Do you desire more meaning in your work? Or perhaps you want to go in a completely different direction! Not sure what you need or what it costs? Let’s find what’s right for you.

My Commitment to you:
  • wholehearted guidance, support and expertise in navigating your journey
  • resources to support your vision (and your thoughts, questions and ideas)
  • tools for taking action
  • guidance in removing the imposter syndrome and replacing it with courage and confidence to start creating the impact you desire
  • clarity in what makes you come alive and using those values as a beacon of light for your journey
  • uncover real opportunities to pursue your professional goals
  • (re)define the skills you want to offer the world rather than simply regurgitating the skills you’ve offered in the past
  • my network, resources and experiences
What could this mean for you?

The 3 C’s: Clarity, Courage, and Confidence (in that order):

  • Clarity on what is holding you back today
  • Courage to make the changes you need to thrive
  • Confidence in who you are and who you want to become

Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You’re created for greater things.

Society tends to teach us that we don’t deserve the best, that we have to earn it and even then, perhaps we don’t receive. It’s a departure from what we believed as children when our intuition and imagination led us to dare greatly. We are meant to be larger than life, to feel totally challenged and fulfilled. Tap into that belief again. The belief that you can dare greatly and achieve anything! The best is available to all of us – if we choose to believe that – and choose it every day.

Where do we start?!

I would love to have a (free) discovery conversation with you.

How do you prepare?
That’s simple. Be willing to be vulnerable and share your honest emotions that led you to search for me.

What’s the goal?
My intention is for you to leave our discovery call inspired and armed with the resources to start your journey. If we mutually decide we are a good match, we will get clear on what that looks like too (time, energy, cost).

So we say yes. Then, what?

By saying “yes”, you are committed (and motivated) to invest several hours a month in private coaching sessions with me, and an adequate amount of time in between sessions to grow to your fullest potential.

I will help you. My coaching has been described as the perfect mix of kindness and tough love. I was once described as a French 75 cocktail: the positive encouragement of bubbly champagne with the bold accountability punch of gin. I am just as passionate about game plans as I am about mindset, and my superpower is knowing what you need in the moment. I am here to help you design your life and reach your goals.

Together, we will identify what brings you joy and align those values with your natural strengths and wildest dreams to empower bold decisions in achieving your professional goals. My desire is to open avenues of creative thinking and possibilities that are outside the standard process to help you expand your current career or change career paths. I will use my network, resources and experiences to make and suggest connections to others who are working in similar fields or have similar mindsets and values to increase the connectivity between men and women in the workforce.

I agree, it's scary.

You’re anxious for change, but are you really ready for it? Are you ready to commit to yourself? Are you ready to try something different and build a better world for you, or heck, for the actual world?? Are you ready to turn “one day” into day one?

Here’s a truth bomb: no you aren’t ready. Because we never truly are ready for the big changes. We are all scared. The trick of those who experience true joy and prosperity in life is their willingness to take the leap of faith. To choose courage over comfort. To start the process in becoming your butterfly.

Contact me today to start your journey. Our initial conversation is free and will determine what it looks like to be on this journey together!

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

~Albert Einstein