Let’s Build Something Together.

Welcome! I am glad you are here. I am ready to be your fierce advocate to turn “one day” into “day one” of living your life on purpose. I will empower you as an emerging or established leader to live professionally in accordance to your personal goals and values. I commit to living this way myself. My impact will be to boldly witness you in your radical pursuit for professional joy so you fearlessly choose to do the same for others. 

I will help you shift ineffective patterns that result in this “stuck” experience and gain clarity in what you desire for your future. Together, we will open avenues of creative thinking and possibilities that are outside the standard process so you expand your current career or change your journey all together. Let’s do this!

What you could experience…

Beyond what I had even asked for, Karen encouraged me to dig deeper into this professional journey and discover answers to questions I hadn’t even brought to the table.

~ Shannon, Boston

You are here. That’s the first step!

I’m proud of you because you’re curious about something and you’re taking action. That’s a big step! You and I both know you are meant for something amazing. If you didn’t have that fire inside, you wouldn’t have the courage to be here, on this page, taking that leap to whatever is calling your name. Your intuition is saying it’s time for change. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Let’s find what’s right for you.

Recently, a new client reached out to a previous client and this is what was shared:

I can’t honestly recommend Karen enough. She has been pivotal in my growth both in my career and in my personal life. She has this magic way of working with you that’s unlike anything that I’ve seen. 
Somehow she was able to pull truths out of me that I didn’t realize were there, all the while giving me (at the time I thought small) tools to better prepare me to advance in my career. The truths were what I NEEDED at the time to hold myself accountable so that I wasn’t rolled over by someone else on my path forward in my career. And boy did it work!
Everyone is different in what they need, but I am a complete believer in Karen Collins and everything she brings to the table. You won’t be let down!

About Empowerlead

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole (you know that, I know that). Sometimes you simply need a hand in unlocking your own potential.
I am offering that hand to you.

Your Success

Imagine having such clarity in who you are and what you want that you are wholeheartedly living to make the difference only you can make in this world. Let’s talk!

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My passion lies in empowering you to own your personal values and live by them in all that you do. Not sure what you need from a career coach, or what it costs? Find what’s right for you.